Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Windshield Protection Film

Product No: WIA-105I, WIA-201T

WIA-105I (Polyester windshield protection film) and WIA-201T (TPU windshield protection film) are the automotive glass protection film. It has the special hardcoat to reduce the impact from stone chip.

- Special Hardcoat for outdoor application
- Optical Clear Protection Film & Rainbow Free
- Hydrophobic Function
- Anti-Chemical, Anti-Oil Function
Easy Installation
For the easy installation, we use the special polyester film. So, you can install it easily.

WIA Polymer (Product No: WIA Polymer)
To Maintain WIA-105I and WIA-201T as new,
we also provide WIA Polymer. It is easy to use. When you wash a car, just spary it to WIA surface and wash it by the microfiber towel. Then, you will have very smooth surface with the hydrophobic function. Furthermore, WIA Polymer will minimize the wiper sound.

1. General Information
(1) Standard Width: 1.52meter (60")
(2) Standard Length: 15meter (50ft) or 30meter (100ft)

2. WIA Polymer (Product No: WIA Polymer)
(1) Package: 100ml, 1 liter, 20 liter