Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Self Cleaning Coating Liquid

What is Self Cleaning Coating Liquid?
This is the slip-coating liquid for each different application. When you apply it to several applications, you can see the water or the dust that can not stick to the application's surface.


1. Application
(1) PET Film
(2) TPU Film
(3) PVC Film
(4) Glass Surface
(5) Window Tint FIlm
(6) Car Wrapping Film
(7) Paint Protection Film
(8) Windshield Pretectin Film
(9) Car & Motrocycle Painted Surface

(2) Product No: ACG-5
-Applying Method: Spray method
As we are the self-adhesive manufacture, we keep developing the coating liquid to keep the film as new. Finally, we develop self-cleaning coating with our recent technology. It is easy to apply by hand application. Also, you can keep the film surface as clean as new.
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