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Digital and Screen Printing Films

Based on the last 20 years self adhesive products manufacturing experience, we produce several different types of self adhesive vinyl for digital & screen printing films.

We also produce the different types of the adhesive to meet your request. Please see our product range and feel free to contact us.

1. General Information
(1) Standard Width: 1.07meter (42"), 1.27meter (50"), 1.37meter (54") and 1.52meter (60")
(2) Standard Length: 30meter (100ft) or 50meter (164ft)

2. Digital Printing Films
We apply Air Bubble Free Technology for BCP, BGR, PWF, AWP series. You do not need to worry to remove the air bubble during the installation. Also, we minimizie that our bubble free pattern can be seeon on the film surface.

Product Data Sheet SAV download

Easy Installation (Avecal Float AdhesiveTechnology™)
We apply Float Adhesive Technoloy™ (Repositionable AdhesiveTechnology) to AWF series and PWF series. You can apply several times until you are satisfied with your work.

To find the right product for you, we make the simple mark as below.
CP: Clear Permanent adhesive
CR: Clear Pemovable adhesive
GP: Grey Permanent adhesive
GR: Grey Removable adhesive
BCR: Clear Removable adhesive with Air Bubble Free Technology
BGR: Grey Removable adhesive with Air Bubble Free Technology
BCF: Clear Repositionable adhesive with Air Bubble Free Tehnology + Avecal Float Adhesive    

BGF: Grey Repositionable adhesive with Air Bubble Free Technogy + Avecal Float Adhesive

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